Trivia Nights

Tuesday Night TriviaTrivia Tuesdays happen, well, every Tuesday, at 8 p.m. or shortly thereafter. There is NEVER a buy-in or cover charge and players of all ages are welcome (although it should be noted that categories are occasionally a tad risque).

There is no minimum number of players to a team – you can play by yourself if you like – but the maximum number of players per team is seven. Don't let that stop you from bringing a ton of friends however, because you can always split up into two or even three teams!

Past prizes have included weekend stays in Boston and various cities in Vermont; local brewery tours; lift tickets to Mount Snow; pig roasts; bar schwag like glassware, coolers and beer signs; Visa and Mastercard gift cards; and Packard's gift certificates which can be used that very night (for drink AND food) and never expire.

Sample Questions

Question 1

Q. The first Christian Roman emperor was which of the following men?

a) Pliny the Elder
b) Caesar Augustus 
c) Constantine 
d) Nero

Question 2

Q. What famous author wrote The Grapes of Wrath?

a) John Steinbeck
b) Ernest Hemingway
c) Stephen King
d) F. Scott Fitzgerald

Question 3

Q. A kit has which of these creatures as parents? 

a) rabbits
b) pigs 
c) antelopes
d) jellyfish

Question 4

Q. What was Michael Jackson's solo debut album titled?

The Answers

Answer 1: c) Constantine

Answer 2: a) John Steinbeck

Answer 3: a) rabbits... although weasels and skunks also give birth to kits.

Answer 4: Got To Be There

More on trivia night

Trivia questions range from the obscure and historical to very trivial and contemporary.

Please contact us at (413) 584-5957 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions about playing Packard's Trivia Tuesdays events. 

Every week beginning at 3 p..m on Tuesdays, a sneak preview of trivia categories for that night are uploaded on our Facebook page.

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